Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011... Goodbye Wine

My new year began with nary a drop of bubbly. Ironic, isn't it?

I start a new blog, name it Boozy Tooth, and decide to lay off the sauce for awhile. That is so me.

It wasn't a decision I made consciously, though, but rather a whim that will hopefully stick for awhile. You see... even though I am a devotee of the fruit of the vine, I also know that looking the other way as the recycling truck lingers over sorting my wine bottles is probably a sign that I need to change up my routine and tuck my little vice away for awhile.

Kids, I drink wine like a camel drinks water and since my liver hump has remained sufficiently filled since I crossed-over into adulthood, I've decided it's time to kiss my Chianti goodbye like a forbidden lover. At least for a little while. With my genetic pre-disposition to Diabetes and my genetic pre-disposition to being Russian, I can no longer ignore that double-whammy and continue to throw back  like there will never be any negative consequences. Henceforth, I am drying out. I am doing the responsible thing and switching my focus to the benefits of imbibing pure clean water, mineral water, sparkling water, Perrier, Pellegrino, Evian. Even sewer water might be an improvement.

I know a few of you are setting your watches and hedging your bets on whether or not I make it to January 2nd without a glass of wine, but that's okay. This isn't so much a resolution as a choice, and every minute of every day gives us plenty of opportunities to make choices.

My goal is to get back to remembering the difference between desiring a sip of a fine vintage and the knee-jerk reflex of downing a bottle just because it happens to fall within my line of sight.

Some people go to the mountaintop. Some seek Gurus and Seers. Some go to therapy. Some go twelve steps. Me? I'm just taking a break and giving myself permission to refrain. Right now I'm refocusing on good health. Responsible behavior. Positive role modeling. And reminding myself that as in all things in life, I am in charge of my own destiny.


  1. Good luck. Where do I place the bets you speak of?

  2. borrrring! just kidding. somewhat.

    I regularly take breaks from my vices but my motto is and remains...'all things in moderation'.

  3. @ Ellen: Looking up "moderation" in the dictionary... please stand by!

  4. Well I am a devotee of Pellegrino -- LOVE IT!!! Main thing is I will follow you everywhere -- no matter what Boozy Tooth becomes - I just know it will be fun and interesting. Off to follow so I don't lose you.

  5. That is fine Alix. Rum is better anyway. So many flavors to pick from......Yummy.

  6. Joanne! You are so adorable. Thank you sweetheart for your lovely comment, devotion and friendship. Let's grab hands and step into 2011 with our eyes set firmly on our goals and the belief in ourselves that we WILL achieve them. Love you much!

  7. I am the same way when it comes to alcohol. If there's a bottle of tequila or rum or wine in the house, I'll have a few every night until it's gone. And with my diagnosis of diabetes a few years ago, I really shouldn't touch the stuff at all. So, for the most part, I rarely drink.

    So, good for you for choosing to go alcohol-free for a while! I'm raising my water bottle to you in salute!

  8. Congrats on your new blog and on your decision to take a break from the alcohol. You will feel so much better, especially in the mornings, and your liver will thank you for it. I wish you all the best in 2011, Alix! Cheers, cher!

  9. Oh Alix, please come back soon - I have a few nice unopened bottles - You just need the air fare ;)


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