Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boozy Tooth is born!

I love food and am an aspiring cook. After having received a gorgeous Breville electric Hot Wok for Christmas, I went on the hunt for some inspirational cookbook resources for Asian cuisine.

As I perused the pages of, I came across three that got my immediate attention and ordered them. One being The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough For Tonight's Dinner by Jaden Hair. Several of the reviews that I read pointed me toward Jaden's blog: Steamy Kitchen, so I went. My eyes fell upon one of her recent recipe posts for Tiramisu Cupcakes, so I clicked again. It was there, in the first sentence, that I was introduced to the term "boozy tooth." 
I just have to put it out there that if I’m going to spend the calories on a dessert, it should satisfy not only my sweet (and salty) tooth, but also take care of my boozy tooth too. Specifically, desserts that include some sort of dunking, spritzing or drizzling of alcohol that can make my toes tingle is a good thing. Especially Tiramisu.
How funny is that? A girl after my own heart.

So, of course I rushed to Blogspot to see if I could snag the blog name, Boozy Tooth, and voila!

I have no idea what this blog is even going to be, but whatever it is, it will be in the spirit of boozy teeth everywhere. Welcome.


  1. Booze? Food? What's not to like?

    Welcome, BoozyTooth! We're glad you're back!!

  2. I can't wait to see the stuff you com up with. I just love reading what you write!

  3. I could care less what you write about... I miss you!

  4. Now this should be fun !!!! Welcome back. And I noticed that the first thing you did was brag about getting a "gorgeous Breville electric Hot Wok for Christmas." How many mortgage payments was that?

  5. Hi Mo, Joanie, Garret, and Jodie! Thanks for swinging by. Not sure this will be a prolific blog, but I did want a place where I could stay connected with you, even if in a small way.

    @ Jodie: Not sure how many mortgage payments my wok is worth, but I promise not to tell if you don't.

  6. so are you done with Casa Hice? should I delete it from my blogroll? glad to see you back.

  7. Ellen, not done - just put it on ice for awhile. I caught enough grief on enough occasions that I decided to just start something new (and hopefully non-offensive), but I can't let Casa Hice go because it is me, it is my life.

    I will probably lift "the ban" at some point, but for now I'm focusing on this new page which I will contribute to when I feel like it and not because i feel obligated. This one is going to be for fun and nothing else.

  8. Wow, I thought this was someone else's blog that you liked. Knew you couldn't stay away. Too good a writer.

    Love Breville. Have the juicer/blender like the Vita Mix. And it was only a fraction of my mortgage.

    Lucky braggard, I mean girl. Great christmas gift!

  9. Hey Gawjus - Guess who else is back?? I'll give you three guesses, but you're not allowed to say them out loud of course because this time I am going to try and remain anonymous!

    Missed ya - but of course I have always had Facebook stalking ;)

    So it looks like you are a few posts ahead of me - I've got some catching up to do...


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